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No one is in heaven now

Name: Lyndsay
Nicknames: Lyn, Lynner, Lyndz, Fenny
Age: 16 [Turning 17 in a month]
Sex: Female
Do you want to be rated as an anime character or a manga/OVA character?: Manga/OVA...duh!
When members are voting, do you prefer to be rated as a male or a female character?: It doesn’t matter.

Hobbies: drawing, writing, horseback riding, playing video games, making icons, making amvs, surfing the net, joining stamping communities, watching anime, reading manga, and reading in general.
Have any special talents?: My talents lie in writing and drawing. I do a lot of both. According to some friends I'm also really good at giving advice and being very opinionated.
What are your strengths?: Compassionate, intelligent, loyal, creative, generous, inquisitive, rational, willful, protective, caring, devoted, friendly
What are your weaknesses?: procrastinator, disrespectful, paranoid, prone to lie on occasion, obsessive-compulsive, quiet, shy, low self-esteem, insecure, moody, overly opinionated
Have any bad habits we should know about?: staying up far too late, rubbing my lips raw
Use six positive adjectives to best describe yourself: Intelligent, compassionate, generous, creative, friendly, devoted
Use six negative adjectives to best describe yourself: short-tempered, nervous, paranoid, insecure, obsessive, moody
Favorite book?: The Sight by David Clement-Davies and Dracula by Bram Stoker
Favorite movie?: Sleepy Hollow and The Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Music Genre?:  Techno and Heavy Metal. Just about everything.
Favorite Hellsing character? Why?: Seras. She is sheer win. Not only do I love her for her personality, but her compassion and even her timidness to venture into the realm of the undead are a plus. Then there is the Vampirism. She seriously kicks some major ass when in berserker mode. Then it's Pip and Alucard.

Day person or Night person?: Honestly? I'd have to say night. I do everything ten times better in the wee hours of the night. Inspiration and creativity come to me at fairly late hours, and I find I can't sleep when I go to bed early.
Realist or Idealist?: Realist. No need to live with false hope.
Impulsive or Controlled?: Impulsive. I get angry easily and I let it overcome me, which isn't exactly a positive thing.
Introvert or Extrovert?: Introverted. I tend to seem like a real Hinata around people I don't like. Words don't come easily to me, especially in a conversation.
Master or Slave?: Not sure. At times I feel like a slave, and yet I would never let someone bitch at me and try to control me.

How do you react to a stressful situation?: I may be a tad aggressive, or just freak out and have a nervous breakdown. Stress gets me really moody and I find it hard to control myself.
If your friends or comrades are in trouble, what do you do?: I'd die for them.
In your group of friends, who are you?: In my group of friends I'm seen as the leader of the pack. Not sure why. It's always been that way I guess.
What kind of relationship do you have with your family?: Though we are a tad dysfunctional at times, I love them all to death.
Do you prefer to work with a group or on your own?: On my own. Going solo is the best. That way you can get everything done faster and in the way you want.
If you were a character in Hellsing, would you prefer to use guns or another weapon for defense? If other, what?: Guns most likely, or I'd just do hand to hand combat. Or...I might actually use a Katana.
What are your thoughts on drinking blood?: Well, as tempting as that sounds...I don't think it would taste very good. I mean, I've tasted my own blood when I got a bloody lip or something, and it wasn't exactly my idea of a fine wine or anything.
Are you religious? If so, how religious are you? If not, why aren't you?: I am Atheist. A free thinker. I proudly put my faith in science. There has been too much death and lack of any proof in the God department for me to believe. If God was around, then why is he doing such a shitty job keeping things in control. Look at some of the dying children around the world. And the genocide. I'm sorry, but if there was a God, I'd kick him in the ass. God is the Santa for adults.
How do you want to die?: I'd like to die in style, maybe protecting someone close to me. Pain and death does not scare me. If I can sacrifice myself to save another, I'd gladly do so.
If given the choice, which group would you find yourself a member of - Hellsing, Millennium, Iscariot? Why?: Hellsing. I'm not a fan of the Nazi's and Iscariot is far too religious and extreme for my tastes. Hellsing suits me just fine, and it's got some sexy guys in there to top it all off. What more could a gal ask for?

Anything else we should know about you?: Nothing really. I've basically told you my story.
Let us take a gander at you, or if not, a brief description, please: Not sure how to upload pictures, but I have blue eyes, short brown hair and a slim figure...with prominent breasts. >.< I'm not proud of it either. My cheeks flush easily and I'm told I have a very pretty smile.